Free Warranty

Here at Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, we believe in quality craftsmanship and beautifully designed jewelry. That has always been the foundation that Edwin Novel Jewelry Design was created upon, and we continue to be grateful to our customers for appreciating the pride we put into every product we create and sell. Here at Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, we are proud to stand behind the quality of every beautiful item we create. Below, you will find the terms of our standard warranty offered with each and every product we design & sell to you, our valued customer!

  • At Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, we offer free repairs for the life of our product to the original owner of any item we sell. This includes fixing broken prongs, broken shanks, loose prongs, and many other items. Please contact our Customer Service department to assist with any repairs and any warranty questions.
  • We offer complimentary cleaning and polishing of any items purchased from us to the original owner of the item.
  • We offer free sizing, up to three (3) times. After resizing an item three times, we reserve the right to decide of any further resizing on a case by case basis depending on the circumstance. Note that resizing a ring more than three times can degenerate the composition of the metal, therefore, we highly suggest to be certain on what ring size you need. Eternity bands and other styles of rings that have continuous stones/inlays around the entire band of the ring usually cannot be re-sized.
  • During the first two (2) years of your original purchase, any lost or damaged stone (diamonds, gemstones, semiprecious stones) that are .03 carat or under will be repaired/replaced for free. Any lost or damaged stone larger than .03 carat will not be replaced under warranty (customer must file a claim through their own insurance). Jewelry insurance is highly recommended. If you do not have jewelry insurance available through your provider, we recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Warranty is not insurance. Lost and stolen merchandise is not covered by warranty.
  • Free repairs are limited to items that have not voided our warranty. We always try to accommodate our customers in any situation, so although your repair may not be free under the terms and conditions of our warranty, we will offer you the best cost for repair or replacement, and will warranty that repair or replacement as per the terms herein. If your damage occurs within the first two (2) years of your original purchase, some exceptions will be made in regard to excess wear and tear at the discretion of an authorized representative of Edwin Novel Jewelry Design. Any repairs outside of two (2) years of your original purchase will be handled on a case by case basis under the discretion of an authorized representative of Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.
  • Warranty will be voided for any of the following reasons including but not limited to: Repair work performed by any facility not authorized and approved by Edwin Novel Jewelry Design. Any removal of stones whatsoever. Excess or unusual wear and tear**.
  • *Excess or Unusual Wear and Tear is defined as: Any damage or wear caused to an item that is considered by Edwin Novel Jewelry Design to be beyond the wear caused during normal conditions, including but not limited to any damage or wear cause by the improper care or handling of an item. Examples of Excess or Unusual Wear and Tear: Chains that have been broken or bent due to being yanked, pulled or handled improperly. Car runs over ring. Dog chews ring. Ring hit by hammer while hammering a nail.
  • All customers conducting warranty business with Edwin Novel Jewelry Design are additionally bound to our Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policies, Return Policies, Layaway Plan Terms, Custom Order and Design Terms, Payment Method Policies, Warranty Terms, and will be subject to any additional terms and policies separately indicated within our website, invoices, credit applications, contracts, promissory notes, or any other document processed in regard to business conducted with Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.
  • If you have any warranty or exchange questions or concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact our Customer Service department at (888) 765-4326.