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All Edwin Novel Jewelry Design Products Are Accommodate With "Free Lifetime Maintenance"

In 2003, Edwin Novel added a free lifetime maintenance to our company policy. In our maintenance policy, the only expense our customers may encounter would be the cost of shipping. To avoid shipping expenses, our customers have the option to make an appointment and pick up their jewelry from our facility. Our maintenance program has benefited the relationship we have with our customers. We value our customers and the merchandise we sell. We want our customers to be happy and our merchandise to always be new, clean and shiny.

Free Lifetime Maintenance Coverage

  • Resizing your ring up to three times
  • Tightening prongs (recommended once every year)
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing


  • Maintenance will be voided if a repair, change, removal of stone, resizing of ring, or polishing has been done by a facility not approved by Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.
  • Maintenance will be voided if any excessive damage have been done. A few examples of excessive damage are: a car runs over a ring, ring is hit by a hammer, or the wife use a ring as a brass knuckles.
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping costs, expenses, and insurance. Edwin Novel Jewelry Design is NOT responsible for lost shipping.
  • To request and setup a free maintenance, or for any questions about our free maintenance policy, please contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Edwin Novel Jewelry Design aims to create enduring pieces of jewelry that preserve precious moments forever. Their mission is to ensure that everyone can afford to propose with a real and natural diamond.

    Edwin Novel Jewelry Design specializes in diamond engagement rings and sets, crafted with intricate detail, balance, and elegance.

    Customers have highly rated the engagement rings from Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, mentioning that the rings are better than expected, made with intricate detail, and are very elegant.

    Edwin Novel Jewelry Design stands behind their jewelry, ensuring that each piece is crafted to perfection and meets the expectations of their customers.

    You can contact Edwin Novel Jewelry Design by calling (888)765-4326 or emailing Edwin Novel Jewelry Design customer service to It seems Edwin Novel Jewelry Design response time for email and phone is relatively fast. you may find contact information on the official website of Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.