All Edwin Novel Jewelry Design Products Are Accommodate With "Free Lifetime Maintenance"

In 2003 Edwin Novel added a free life time maintenance to our company policy. In our maintenance policy the only expense our customers may absorb would be the cost of shipping. To avoid shipping expenses, our customers also have the option to make an appointment and pick-up their jewelry from our facility in Los Angeles. We have experienced few events where repairmen outside of our company have broken or changed stones, overcharged our customers, and damaged our products. When outside jewelers destroy our customer's merchandise, it effects our relationship with our victimized customer. By adopting our life time free maintenance program in 2003, it has been beneficial for our customers and for our company. We value our customers and the merchandise we sell, we want our customers to be happy and our merchandise to always be clean, new and shiny.

Edwin Novel's free maintenance program will be void if; repair work performed by any facility not authorized and approved by Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, any removal of stones whatsoever, excessive or unusual wear and tear to the jewelry has be done. Edwin Novel's maintenance policy will be honored as long as the original owner has possession of the jewelry purchased from Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.

Free Lifetime Maintenance Coverage

  • Resizing your ring
  • Tightening prongs (recommended once every year)
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing

To request and setup a free maintenance or for any questions about our free maintenance policy please contact us.