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Receive 100% Credit & Upgrade to a New Design or Better Stone.

We at Edwin Novel Jewelry Design take pride in our simple lifetime exchange policy. We allow our customers to exchange any jewelry pieces purchased from us for a 100% credit towards their next item. Nothing is more rewarding than making our customers happy.

  • Edwin Novel Jewelry Design offers a 100% exchange policy that will never expire. Our customers can exchange any item originally purchased through Edwin Novel Jewelry Design for a 100% credit of the original purchase amount. Unless specified before purchase, all items are exchangeable.
  • This exchange policy is NOT transferable, and is only honored to original customers who have purchased the item(s) from Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.
  • *Exchanges are not eligible for a refund.
  • *The exchange policy will be voided if materials are missing or jewelry has been altered by anyone who is not authorized by Edwin Novel Jewelry Design.